What Is Lighty ?

LIGHTY is a new way of eating for those who want to lose weight or just those who want to eat healthy, it is also suitable for athletes thanks to the high protein content of our products. This idea was born from the experience of 2 people for whom diets are part of their daily lives. "A diet is difficult, full of constraints, we do not eat what we want or what we like ... That's why we have designed boxes that meet your needs but also your pleasure" . Most of the products in our boxes are "gluten-free", to facilitate digestion, hyperprotéinés to facilitate the return to your weight of form. We brought a touch of fun to break the codes of the "boring diet" that never dreamed of a healthy drink or a pizza party without the calories? The frustrations of the regime are far behind you! Finally a diet without depriving oneself! At you weight loss!

EAT what you usually eat: brunch, aperitif, pizza, pancake, cakes and many more ... Or choose the right solutions for a full day, a weekend, a week, a month. .. Never have diets been so easy to keep! No subscription commits you ... It is up to you, and only you, to please you and to consume as you wish according to your objectives.

LOSE weight easily. Based on a low-calorie diet, we have maximized the choice of products that are low in lipids and carbohydrates but also low in sugar. 100% of our range is hyper-protein: we chose to feed your muscles and not your fat! More than half of our products are gluten-free (to repair your intestines, because gluten absorbed in large quantities in everyday life causes a "colander" effect on our intestines) and consumption of products with a high content of gluten. protein helps return to your fitness weight.

LIVE, congratulations you have tested this new method and you like it! You have found your ideal weight but also your intestines feel better. Talk about it and get discounts on your next purchases! And since nothing commits you, feel free to continue to enjoy when you want our original boxes!



You never know what to take at breakfast? Some diets always offer the same thing in the morning for 5 days. We offer a different breakfast every morning!

10am 16pm Break

Hard to wait until lunch or dinner, a hollow pt to fill? Do not eat anything, here are ideas

Lunch / Diner

Lunch and dinner are two different meals, lunch or do not often have time to cook! And in the evening you have to eat light! Do not let us guide our adapted programs!

Already on weekends?


The aperitif the one and only! This friendly moment that you prefer to avoid because the temptation is too strong to resist chips or sausage .. The frustration is over, invite your friends or take your pack home and share this moment of relaxation!


Fat mat 's Sunday morning, what better than a good little brunch! Discover our pack designed for 2 people! Good awakening !

Pizza Party

Friday night with friends, Saturday family, the weekend is Pizza Party! Enjoy these friendly moments without the excess calories.

Pancakes Party

A pancake party while you're on a diet ... Yes you're not dreaming, with our box the pleasure is at the rendezvous. Specially designed, our pancakes are high in protein and low in calories. And we even provide the spread, no more excuses.

For the curious ones


For those who do not know which to choose! Here's a taste of our range designed to eat better with foods high in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat!

For the greedy ones

Chocolate Lovers

For chocolate lovers who want to have a sweet break without the gaps ...


To wring your neck with frustrations and keep on having fun!


A diet is not only synonymous with vegetables with water and deprivation, discover our salty range through our box of 7 pieces.

For the reasonable ones


For those who love the fruity taste of life without moderation ... or almost

To accompany your products


You will need for some of our preparations a shaker!